June 2016

Nicole Quattrocchi |

This month I had the exciting opportunity to assist the Quattro Firm in trial preparation. Unlike the portrayal in tv shows and movies, trial prep involves more work than simply reviewing paperwork. I learned that an essential part of trial prep is to prepare a trial folder consisting of all relevant legal documents including past pleadings, communication, and research done for the case. I also learned that a hearing is more than just waiting for the judge to make a ruling, but also a good attorney should also prepare negotiation documents in order to zealously advocate for their clients.
This month I also gained more experience with wills and estate planning. I was fortunate enough to format and draft wills and then help present them to the client. This gave me first-hand experience with drafting a legal document, something I know will pay off once I get to law school.
In addition to the legal opporutnites I was provided, I was also given the task of assisting with summer promotions on The Quattro Firm’s Facebook page. This showed me how to be creative in reaching out and informing potential clients and to look at social media as an outlet of advertising for the firm. Running a law firm is so much more than just assisting clients and studying the law. A law firm requires knowledge in areas of advertising, social media, and marketing. By interning with the Quattro Firm this summer, I am gaining knowledge in a variety of areas, all of which are sure to aid me in my future.