May 2016

Nicole Quattrocchi |

In May, I began my internship at the Quattro Firm with founding partner Nicole Quattrocchi. I was eager to begin learning about being a lawyer as I hope to become one some day. In my first few weeks, I have spent a lot of time filing pleadings, correspondence and the like as well as accompanying Nicole to client consultations. I have also gotten to learn about the different type of documents and pleadings involved in civil cases. Through this I have gained the experience of working in an office setting and becoming familiar with basic office relationships and tasks. The Quattro firm is very unique in that it is run entirely by women. As an aspiring female lawyer, it is very encouraging and uplifting to work with strong women in a typically male-dominated field. When I have attended consultations, I have learned the process of building a case from its outset and learned how to engage with clients and to relate to them on a personal level. The Quattro Firm also does Estate Planning and I’ve been given the opportunity to help to draft some of these documents and I have had the opportunity to be a witness at a will signing ceremony. While estate planning is not nearly as exciting as litigation, I enjoyed the personal experience with the clients. Recently, I got to try out some legal research. This will surely give me a one-up in law school. Nicole even trusted me to help to draft a Memorandum of law. This was a great experience! I learned how to analyze a case, research previous cases and existing laws to support our client’s argument. As the summer continues, I hope to gain more knowledge on legal actions and other functions of attorneys. In June, we will be preparing to file new lawsuits, attend a mediation, send discovery and I hope to attend some hearing and possibly a trial. 

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