My First Month at the Quattro Firm by Alexandrea Perez

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This month I started interning for the Quattro Firm. Although I’ll only be here for the summer, in just one month, I have gained the experience that is sure to give me an upper hand throughout the remainder of my schooling. It has definitely been a challenge to be “thrown in to the deep end,” such as being tasked with producing Discovery (what the heck is that??).  However it was reassuring to know that Attorney Nicole Quattrocchi was always there with patience and understanding and kindly dealt with my one million questions.

In the past I have shadowed criminal attorneys in Georgia.  I thought that all areas of the law would operate the same, but I have learned how different things can be both procedurally and substantively here in Florida.  The Quattro Firm is unique in that I’ve been exposed to family law, civil litigation, as well as corporate transactional work and even wills and probate. I’ve learned that there’s always something quite interesting within each case; no matter how dull it may originally seem.

So far I’ve learned how to effectively put together a file for a case; organization is the key to success for an attorney. A unruly file equals a disaster for not only the lawyer, but the client as well. It’s amazing to see how much detail and prep-work goes into each case, no matter trivial it may seem.

As a month has already flow by, I am feeling excited to see what I will get to experience next and also panicked as the stress of this future career blossoms in front of me.