Victoria's First Month at The Quattro Firm

Victoria   | | Categories: Civil Litigation , Family Law & Domestic Relations


All my life I have had a passion for working with children. Initially I wanted to be a teacher because I thought that was the only option I had but as I learned more about law and the types of law, I realized that I could make more of an impact on the lives of children as an attorney. I started interning at The Quattro Firm in the beginning of June. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I had never worked or interned with a law firm before. I was also excited though; I had done my research on the firm and was excited to be working under someone –Nicole Quattrochi- who seemed to be passionate about the same things as myself.

            My first week was a blur. I remember Nicole asking me to file documents into a client’s folder and all the sub files inside gave me a headache. I asked so many questions: What are pleadings? How do I know when something should be filed under correspondences? And what in the world is a request to produce? I started off feeling like I was going to be lost the entire summer but as the days passed I found myself understanding more legal terms and asking less questions. Don’t get me wrong, I still ask about one hundred a day but that is less than the million I felt I was asking my first few days.

            My second week I was able to tag along to see my first trial. Walking into the courthouse for the first time was surreal. While it was longer than I expected it to be, it was really interesting to see Nicole in action. It was also an interesting case to begin with so it wasn’t hard to keep me entertained. My first couple of weeks at the law firm has brought light to the fact that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes before trial for an attorney. It has been a journey that makes me excited for my future as an attorney. Plus, I figured out how to work a label maker which was pretty cool.