Business Spotlight: The Quattro Firm LLC

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Business Spotlight: The Quattro Firm LLC

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About The Quattro Firm

The Quattro Firm is a small law firm with four attorneys who are licensed in a variety of states and who specialize in a wide array of areas of law. We have a support staff of an accountant, a paralegal, an office manager and a summer intern. We specialize in providing personal legal services to clients in a way where our clients feel attended to and special. We have transactional and business clients as well as litigation clients.

The majority of our clients are in Palm Beach County; however, we can operate all over Florida, Texas, and a few other states where our individual attorneys are licensed.

Our areas of practice include civil litigation, family law and domestic relations, general litigation, commercial litigation, corporate matters, business formation, contract drafting and review, LGBT issues and custody, estate planning, wills and trusts, probate administration and litigation, marital contracts and family law mediation.

We opened in June of 2015 and are now celebrating two years in business. We began the law firm with just three clients and now have as many as thirty active files at one time. We have updated our technology and web services and are considering more payment forms to allow the clients more flexibility and ease when submitting payments.

The Quattro Firm Difference

Since we are a small firm, our strength is client relations. We have the ability and time to make each client feel heard and important. The people who have come to us for work are pleased with the services that have been provided. Our clients do not feel ignored as they are always able to reach at least one member of our staff to express their needs or concerns.

At The Quattro Firm, we understand that each particular client has a unique set of legal issues and is a whole person. We address the full package and look at the whole situation; people aren't just one specific legal problem. A client may come to us for a divorce, but there may be more that needs to be addressed: can she afford to stay in the house that she is fighting to keep, can she continue in the employment that she has and still make ends meet? Is she emotionally ready to sign these papers? Should she change her will?

Our prices are competitive, and our service is customized to every case and every client. We charge flat rates for certain cases, and we offer payment plans. For our business clients and other transactional clients, people enjoy our quick turnaround time.

The team at The Quattro Firm actively contributes to our local community. We support other businesses and sponsor many events from dance recitals to school auctions.

In the future, we hope to continue to expand. We're aiming to have five full-time attorneys at the Quattro Firm and more than 50 active files at any given point. We'd like to increase our litigation cases as well as our transactional business projects. We're also working on implementing more technical innovations internally.

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