Alexa and the LSAT

Nicole Quattrocchi | | Categories: attorney , lawyer , LSAT


The times here, my final year at the undergraduate level, the year where I must get a clue in what I want to do in life, and the year where I prepare for the future. It is a tough time and completely different from my last year in high school, where I was a wide-eyed girl ready to move away and start a new life away from my parents. Now I can use all the help mommy and daddy can give me! 

If my senior year wasn’t stressful enough, try adding the LSAT to my list. Rigorously studying for “the test of all tests” has proved to be the hardest thing I have yet to do in college. It is, indeed, as torturous as everyone has said it was. I heavily recall the first time I met Nicole Quattrocchi, in which she warned me about the inevitable doom that was in store for me as I start preparing for the test. Constant studying, lack of sleep, panicky, existential thoughts, and emotions that are hard to explain have all crossed my mind, just as Nicole told me they would. Let me tell you, the LSAT is no joke, and if anyone can go into that exam without intently studying and still end up with a 150 score, I envy your soul. Because up to now everything I’ve worked for in my undergrad seems useless compared to my LSAT score (which is equated to 70% of my application).

Knowing this apparently undisclosed information, has made me question if I want to become an attorney or not, making me weigh every option that I have now (not excluding the only loophole in skipping dreaded law school by becoming a paralegal for 5 years in California and miraculously passing the Bar). And if passing the LSAT wasn’t enough pressure, choosing a law school to attend is even more difficult! Even more so, law school doesn’t sound like a cup of tea either. The Socratic method, the students, the faculty, the grading system, literally everything about law school seems like my worst nightmare. I can just imagine the one and only class I’m ill-prepared for, is the class the teacher decides look at the attendance sheet and pick MY name out of the hundreds of other students sitting in the room. I imagine it like the scene from “Legally Blonde” except far worse, as I’m not half as cute or bubbly as Elle Woods.

Despite all these minor, let’s face it, major setbacks, I still cannot see myself doing anything else. If it wasn’t difficult to be an attorney, then everyone would be one. My dream is not only to become an attorney, but to fight for the rights of those who can’t. Human rights are something I’m, at this point, insanely passionate about. I wouldn’t be taking the easy way out if I decided not to go to law school, I’d be giving up on my dream. Hey, if it’s only a couple years of torture, I think it’s a good deal to me if I achieve my goal in life. And although it’ll be a rough couple of months, in which I can’t wait for it to be over, I’m glad I get to experience all of it, because I know I’m not the only one.