The Quattro Firm’s Guide To Effective Mediations

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The outcomes of mediation are non-binding in nature, however, if the parties involved are ready to come to a consensus, choosing mediation over going to court, can be beneficial to everyone. Mediation is a cost-effective and efficient way to achieve results and even enables the preservation of the relationship between the parties. Moreover, it is generally a short procedure compared to court litigation, and the parties are at liberty to choose the end outcome.

However, that also means that either of the parties can disagree with the final outcome and go to court for an irrevocable decision, which could take a long time and cost even more money. To prevent your mediation from turning sour and becoming ineffective, it’s vital to understand the parameters of mediation proceedings and prepare yourself for it in advance. To help you with this, The Quattro Firm, L.L.C. has put together a three-step guide to effective mediations.

1. Come prepared with financials.

When you arrive at a mediation, whether it be family or civil, you are going to discuss resolutions which involve the exchange of money. That means you need to arrive prepared. Bring your applicable financials to the mediation. If an attorney represents you, work with them to have a clear financial picture for the mediation.

2. Understand that no one leaves mediation completely happy.

Being humble and coming prepared to negotiate will help your mediation go smoothly. If you go in expecting that you will get everything that you want, then you’re not mediating in good faith. You will need to compromise, and sometimes that will mean that you don’t get what you want. Everyone should leave with a situation that they can live with and each side must have a fair chance to be heard.

3. Keep irrelevant information out of mediation.

While a wife may be upset about her husband’s new girlfriend, unless he’s wasted marital funds on the girlfriend or the girlfriend is interfering with timesharing, there’s no reason to expend your time on her. You should have your chance to be heard on all issues, but if it’s irrelevant, try to keep it out or keep it to a minimum. You don’t want to waste valuable time discussing unrelated issues.

If you’d like to know other ways to prepare for effective mediation, reach out to our attorneys at The Quattro Firm, L.L.C. We believe a client should be treated as a person and not a set of legal issues, which is why our top attorneys in West Palm Beach, Florida, make it their objective to get to know your needs before diving into the legal details. With a thorough understanding of your requirements, we can then advocate with compassion and careful consideration.

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