Problems You May Encounter When Choosing An Attorney For Your Case

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Whether you are in the middle of a messy divorce, dealing with a real estate issue, or setting up your business, you will need to enlist the services of a lawyer. A legal expert will give you an honest opinion of where you stand and will find a solution to your case even if the odds are not in your favor or your situation seems bleak. 

However, today, several legal representatives have a poor attitude, disorganized work schedules, and may make false promises. For that reason, your choice of an attorney is crucial as it will affect the outcome of your case and possibly major decisions in the future.

To help you find a qualified, ethical attorney who is dedicated to pursuing your best interest, The Quattro Firm, L.L.C., has listed out common problems and mistakes that you may encounter when choosing an attorney for your case. 

1. Budget constraints. 
Finding the right attorney for your needs within your budget is an issue many clients face. Most clients think that they should choose the least expensive attorney. While that may seem like a cost-effective solution, it may not give them the representation he/she is really hoping to achieve. Instead, as a client, you should plan to meet and discuss your case (either telephonically or in-person) with multiple attorneys in a variety of price ranges. In other words, meet attorneys that are within your budget, below your budget, and exceeding your budget. Remember to ask them many questions so that you can understand the price differentials. These are critical questions you should consider asking: 

  1. How is the billing? Is it a flat-rate? 
  2. What are the hourly rates? What are the support/paralegal rates? 
  3. Will you be working with one person or a team? 

Sometimes, an expensive attorney will be worth the investment if you need an aggressive strategy. Sometimes, a less expensive attorney may be billing less upfront but could be charging more by the hour, so there wouldn't be too much of a price break. Other times, a less expensive attorney will have paralegals doing the bulk of the work and only supervising and making court appearances when necessary. In other cases, you may be able to negotiate monthly rates, payment plans, or qualify for additional discounts with a more expensive attorney. 

2. Not feeling comfortable with your attorney. 
You never want to hire someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Often, people describe attorneys as intimidating. If you are intimidated by your attorney and cannot honestly speak candidly with him/her, then he/she is not the right advocate for your case. You should establish a level of comfort with your attorney and feel like he/she can be him/herself without feeling judged or ignored. If you consult an attorney who does not listen to you and you do not feel like this person will devote their attention and time to a case that deserves it, then simply work with another attorney who ensures you are heard. 

3. Not considering communication preferences.
During a consultation, it is essential to ask your attorney how his/her firm will communicate with you. If you feel more comfortable reviewing documents and drafts electronically, then state that. If they are unwilling to oblige, then he/she may not be the correct attorney for you. If you prefer to communicate via telephone conference, or you have a preference to communicate only with a certain person, then you will need to make the attorney aware of these preferences before you hire him/her. If that does not work, then consult another firm. 

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