Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

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The purpose of child support is to offer financial support to a family for the purpose of filling in the gaps for a child when parents get divorced, or a couple lives separate and apart from each other.  However, people often have the wrong idea when it comes to child support. Some people who should receive child support are misinformed and fail to collect it when it is due, and some parents who should pay child support are often doing so at amounts that are inappropriate.  

While trying to find out more information, parents may have a ton of questions about child support law, including: what it covers, payment method, how it's enforced, if it is related to timesharing, etc.. Unfortunately, finding answers to these questions can sometimes be difficult.

As a parent, it is essential to be armed with the most accurate information and ensure all your doubts are cleared. To ensure this happens, The Quattro Firm, L.L.C has answered five of the most frequently asked questions about child support. 

1. Can I waive child support?
The quick answer is no. You cannot waive child support in Florida. The reason is simple; it’s not for you. The child support is for the child. Even if you don’t “need” it, you cannot agree to waive it.

2. Can I track it to make sure my ex is behaving by asking for receipts?
While it may seem like a legitimate inquiry, the quick answer is no. If it is clear that a parent is not appropriately using child support, then it can be raised in court, but you’re not going to be able to require the parent receiving the support to send you monthly receipts.

3. Can I pay it directly?
Yes. You and your child’s other parent can agree to send and receive support directly without the department of revenue. It’s best that support is paid through an electronic service like Zelle or Venmo or by check just to be sure that the payments are traceable. One should never pay child support in cash.

4. Why am I paying support but have no rights to visitation?
This is a common misconception, but child support and visitation are not linked. It’s not the case that support=timesharing. There are situations where a court will require support but limit visitation or bar it completely due to safety concerns for the child. Also, generally, if one goes through the Department of Revenue for support, timesharing may not have been determined.

5. Can I pick the number to pay?
No. Child support in Florida is based on a formula that is dictated by the State. The factors include the income of both parties, the needs of the child, and the percentages related to timesharing. Even if you have a number in mind of what you want to receive or pay, the State of Florida may have a different number. While you can move to deviate from the guidelines dictated by the State, you should plan to have a justiciable basis to do so.

If you have any more questions about child support, reach out to the attorneys at The Quattro Firm, L.L.C. As a top law firm in West Palm Beach, Florida, our legal experts can understand the complex needs of our clients and offer expert advice fitting to the situation. We take a personal approach to your legal needs and assist in any way possible. 

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