Maria Kontos

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Maria Kontos obtained her Bachelor of Arts from Florida Atlantic University in 1995. She has been committed in her career to providing legal support for top notch law firms in the State of Florida. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Ms. Maria Kontos has over 16 years of experience working on complex and voluminous civil, criminal and family law cases which involve organizing thousands of documents, discovery and file organization. Ms. Maria Kontos has extensive contacts in the civil, criminal and family Court systems in Florida as well as the State Attorney Offices. Ms. Kontos is intricately involved in the defense of all of the firm's clients' cases and takes great pride in assisting and working toward a favorable outcome in each case.

Our Practice Areas Include: Civil Litigation Law | Bankruptcy Law| Family Law & Domestic Relations | Marital Contracts and Family Law Mediation | Commercial Litigation Law | Corporate Matters | Business Formation Law | Contract Drafting & Review | LGBT Issues & Custody | Estate Planning Law | Wills & Trusts Law | Probate Administration and Litigation Law | General Litigation Law

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